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Click to mute/unmute your microphone or hold down the space bar. Click the up arrow next to the microphone icon to open audio settings to test your speaker(s) and mic or change their settings. Click to start/stop your camera If you have a camera but don’t want to be ‘live’ at the meeting click on stop video

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If your microphone is muted •If your microphone is muted, you will see a microphone (with a red slash through it) at the top of the screen •To unmute your microphone, tap on the screen (to make the control panel appear) and them tap on the Unmute button.

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When using a desktop or laptop, in Windows, maximise the Zoom window or press “Enter Full Screen” to use the whole of your screen (Figure 6). In a Mac, maximise the Zoom window by pressing the icon on the top right hand corner (Figure 7) or the green dot top left of the window (Figure 8).

Mute or Unmute Your Microphone Administrator's settings determine the attendees muted or unmuted when they join the non-WebRTC conference. WebRTC meeting attendees join as unmuted. Dec 21, 2019 · Windows: For Windows 10, see How to Adjust the Volume for Individual Apps in Windows on the nextofwindows.com website; for Windows 8.x, see How to adjust volume and sounds in Windows 8 on the dummies.com website. macOS: See Turn the volume up or down in Apple's online support documentation.